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Why, Clinical Trials Specialist, Inc?

We are a Clinical Research Organization committed to improving all lives touched by clinical research. We understand the complex nature of the industry and the approach each opportunity with compassion. Together we answer the hopes of patients and healthcare professionals with industry-leading services and technology in global sciences.

Lear how our full-service CRO, FSP, Strategic Resourcing and Quality & Validation Services create a better clinical experience.


Exceptional Patient Services

We care for the patient as a whole, mind, body, and spirit. We make sure all patients are treated with care, respect, and dignity. We understand that patients in search of a cure are vulnerable and need answers, we want to help facilitate the care to allow patients to become whole again. 


Pharmaceutical Relationship

We conduct Clinical Trials sponsered by the Pharmaceutical companies, but that relationship does not mean there should be a lack of patient care. Our Principal Investigators understand their responsibilities to the Pharmaceutical company, and to our patients. The Principal Investigator has the authority to reject any Trial that may jeopardize a patients safety. Allowing our Principal Investigators to be in control strengthens the relationship with the patient.

Our Vision

Throughout the course of time, medical treatments have evolved. People are more inclined to know more about their health, and become healthier. Yet there are still so many people sick from diseases and conditions that can be cured.

Clinical Trials Specialist, Inc, is looking to change the way people are healed. For many years the Pharmaceutical companies has been the “bad guys”, but what if they aren’t the “bad guys”.

By allowing patients to be in control of the pharmaceutical companies drug trials, we are essentially putting the approval process in the patients hands. Allowing the patients to come to an all inclusive research facility (not like the ones in the horror movies), that will allow them a vast range of research trials to participate in, that includes self reported outcomes to the pharmaceutical companies, their peers, and their Physicians.

Allowing patients to be a part of their own healing story, while also helping others who just want the answers but too sickly and/or too tired to search for the cure on their own.

Clinical Research has been around for many year, and have gotten a bad reputation. Our company is looking to modernize, innovate, educate, and demonstrate the change in modern medicine that is now geared towards the patient as his/her own advocate and the shift of the patients being in control.  Offering Phase 1-Phase 4 Trials in a State of the art facility, that offers technology and terminology  that is easy for the patients to understand. Along with services that does not only focus on the patients medical condition but also the condition of the patients mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.