Our Services


We Specialize in:

*Clinical Research Associates

*Clinical Trial Coordinators

*Regional Directors/Monitors

*Data Managers

*Study/ Project Manager

*Regulatory/Safety Associates

*Site Management


*Staff Training

*Human Resources Solutions

*Physicians and Medical Monitors


Principal Investigator (PI) Support

We offer full support to our PI's by easing the financial management burden, by maintaining efficient and compliant financial practices across research operations.

We create Metrics-Driven policy, which can be used to deter studies that may incur a greater loss and prove helpful during budget negotiations, as it reveals a solid understanding of what is needed for optimal site performance and could act as support for any potential push back from sponsors and CRO's.

Save time, improve workflows and enhance 21 CFR Part 11 compliance across the organization.

Assist with NIH, OSHA, HIPPA and Protocol training for the PI.